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  • Chaichana Scan Feb10

    Recurrence and malignant degeneration after resection of adult hemispheric low-grade gliomas Kaisorn L. Chaichana, M.D., Matthew J. McGirt, M.D., John Laterra, M.D., Ph.D., Alessandro Olivi, M.D., and Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, M.D. J Neurosurgery, vol...
  • Sanai Scan Feb10

    Insular glioma resection: assessment of patient morbidity, survival, and tumor progression Nader Sanai, M.D., Mei-Yin Polley, Ph.D., and Mitchel S. Berger, M.D. J Neurosurgery, vol 112:1, 2010, pp 1-9. Link to free article. ...
  • Hoh Scan Jan10

    Length of Stay and Total Hospital Charges of Clipping Versus Coiling for Ruptured and Unruptured Adult Cerebral Aneurysms in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database 2002 to 2006 Brian L. Hoh MD; Yueh-Yun Chi PhD; Matthew F. Lawson MD; J. Mocco MD, MS; a...
  • Choi Scan Jan10

    Outcome of 132 Operations in 97 Patients With Chordomas of the Craniocervical Junction and Upper Cervical Spine Choi, David FRCS; Melcher, Robert MD; Harms, Jürgen MD; Crockard, Alan FRCS Neurosurgery, January 2010 - Volume 66 - Issue 1 - p 59–65. ...
  • Ducruet Scan Jan10

    Intracranial infectious aneurysms: a comprehensive review Andrew F. Ducruet, Zachary L. Hickman, Brad E. Zacharia, Reshma Narula, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Justin Gorski and E. Sander Connolly Jr. Neurosurgical Revies, Volume 33, Number 1 / January, 2010, 37...
  • Benzinger Scan Jan10

    Blast-Related Brain Injury: Imaging for Clinical and Research Applications: Report of the 2008 St. Louis Workshop Tammie L.S. Benzinger, David Brody, Sylvain Cardin, Kenneth C. Curley, Mark A. Mintun, Seong K. Mun, Kenneth H. Wong, Jean R. Wrathall. Jou...
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