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  • Seifert Scan Jul10

    Clinical management of petroclival meningiomas and the eternal quest for preservation of quality of life Personal experiences over a period of 20 years Volker Seifert Acta Neurochirurgica 152:7, 2010, 1099-1116. ...
  • Tapia Scan Jul10

    The role of statins in neurosurgery Jorge Humberto Tapia-Pérez, Martin Sanchez-Aguilar and Thomas Schneider Neurosurgical Review 33:3:259-270. ...
  • Hertzler Scan Jul10

    Tethered cord syndrome: a review of the literature from embryology to adult presentation Dean A. Hertzler II, M.D., John J. DePowell, M.D., Charles B. Stevenson, M.D., and Francesco T. Mangano, D.O. Neurosurg Focus 29 (1):E1 1-9, 2010. Link to free art...
  • Wallenstein Scan Jul10

    Salomon Hakim and the Discovery of Normal-Pressure Hydrocephalus Wallenstein, Matthew B. MD; McKhann, Guy M. II MD Neurosurgery 67:1:155–159. ...
  • Harrop Scan Jul10

    Impact of a Standardized Protocol and Antibiotic-Impregnated Catheters on Ventriculostomy Infection Rates in Cerebrovascular Patients Neurosurgery 67:1:187–191. Harrop, James S. MD; Sharan, Ashwini D. MD; Ratliff, John MD; Prasad, Srini MD; Jabbour, P...
  • Wilde Scan Jul10

    Feasibility of the Neurological Outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury (NOS-TBI) in Adults Elisabeth A. Wilde, Stephen R. McCauley, Tara M. Kelly, Harvey S. Levin, Claudia Pedroza, Guy L. Clifton, Claudia S. Robertson, Paolo Moretti. Journal of Neur...
  • Carrera Scan Jul10

    Spontaneous hyperventilation and brain tissue hypoxia in patients with severe brain injury Emmanuel Carrera, J Michael Schmidt, Luis Fernandez, Pedro Kurtz, Maxwell Merkow, Morgan Stuart, Kiwon Lee, Jan Claassen, E Sander Connolly, Stephan A Mayer, Neera...
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