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  • Sonobe Scan Aug10

    Small Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm Verification Study. SUAVe Study, Japan. Sonobe M, Yamazaki T, Yonekura M, Kikuchi H. Stroke. 2010 Jul 29. [Epub ahead of print] ...
  • Hariz Scan Aug10

    Deep brain stimulation between 1947 and 1987: the untold story Marwan I. Hariz, M.D., Ph.D., Patric Blomstedt, M.D., Ph.D., and Ludvic Zrinzo, M.D.M.Sc. Neurosurg Focus 29 (2):E1, 2010. Link to free article. ...
  • Sughrue Scan Aug10

    Outcome and survival following primary and repeat surgery for World Health Organization Grade III meningiomas Michael E. Sughrue, M.D., Nader Sanai, M.D., Gopal Shangari, A.B., Andrew T. Parsa, M.D., Ph.D., Mitchel S. Berger, M.D., and Michael W. McDermo...
  • Shooman Scan Aug10

    Image-guided frameless stereotactic biopsy without intraoperative neuropathological examination David Shooman, M.B.Ch.B., Antonio Belli, M.D., and Paul L. Grundy, B.M. (Hons), M.D. J Neurosurg 113:170–178, 2010. Link to free article. ...
  • Kakarla Scan Aug10

    Microsurgical Treatment of Pediatric Intracranial Aneurysms: Long-term Angiographic and Clinical Outcomes Kakarla, Udaya K. MD; Beres, Elisa J. MD; Ponce, Francisco A. MD; Chang, Steven W. MD; Deshmukh, Vivek R. MD; Bambakidis, Nicholas C. MD; Zabramski,...
  • Goffaux Scan Aug10

    Brain Tumor Headaches: From Bedside to Bench Review Goffaux, Philippe PhD; Fortin, David MD Neurosurgery 67:2:459–466, 2010. ...
  • Cloyd Scan Aug10

    En Bloc Resection for Primary and Metastatic Tumors of the Spine: A Systematic Review of the Literature Literature Review Cloyd, Jordan M. MD; Acosta, Frank L. Jr MD; Polley, Mei-Yin PhD; Ames, Christopher P. MD Neurosurgery 67:2:435–445, 2010. ...
  • Scoccianti ScanAug10

    Patterns of Care and Survival in a Retrospective Analysis of 1059 Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme Treated Between 2002 and 2007: A Multicenter Study by the Central Nervous System Study Group of Airo (Italian Association of Radiation Oncology) Scocc...
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