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Neurosurgical education

A platform where you can provide or seek education. This is where the experienced and senior members hava an opportunity to disseminate their skills and knowledge, and where you come to add to your professional foundation.

Classic papers

Classic papers

Here you will find a collection of classic neurosurgical landmark papers. We have selected a number of important neurosurgical reference articles within different neurosurgical categories, where the selection is based on the clinical relevance and the number of times the article has been cited in other works.

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Self assessment

Self assessment

We are continuously adding to our database of multiple choice questions in the whole field of neurosurgery. Use the self assessment for board exam preparation or for your continuing education. Or do a time trial, where you collect as many points as possible in two minutes.

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Neurosurgical videos

Learn by watching how others do it. We have selected a number of interesting neurosurgical videos from YouTube and other web sources, and the collection is growing. Take a moment to contribute to the NEUROSURGIC network and leave your rating or write a short review about the videos you have seen.

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