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SpineAssistCombined SpineAssist navigation and C-Insight imaging system

MAZOR Surgical Technologies has received approval from the FDA for the company's combined SpineAssist navigation and C-Insight imaging system. Mazor's SpineAssist device is a miniature robotic guidance / perioperative planning system designed for treatments of spinal compression fractures and other vertebral surgical issue

The system consists of a miniature device that mounts above the patient’s spine, and a workstation running advanced surgical planning software. SpineAssist’s software allows surgeons to perform 3D, CT- based preoperative planning on a personal computer at their own convenience prior to surgery.

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BostonSciBoston Sci Releases New Intracranial Aneurysm Stent System

According to a News Release Boston Scientific is releasing the Neuroform EZ, a new intracranial aneurysm stent system for use with endovascular coiling for treatment of wide-necked aneurysms. The stent will be available in both US and Europe and was on show at the 7th Annual Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS) Meeting in Carlsbad, CA.

The first Neuroform EZ Stent was implanted in the U.S. by Demetrius Lopes, M.D., of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and the first European procedure was performed by Professor Laurent Spelle, M.D., Ph.D., at Foundation Rothschild Hospital, Beaujon School of Medicine in Paris.

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Link to News Release.

ColorMRI.jpgColor MRI for Identification of Intracranial Hemorrhages and Masses

Revolutions Medical, South Carolina, USA has developed an image processing technology that brings color to MRI images. The Color MRI uses proprietary algorithms to segment and colorize regions of the scan in order to make the images more readable.

Examples of possible clinical applications using the Color MRI Automatic Segmentation.are the differentiation and characterization of Intracranial Hemorrhages and intracranial masses.


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Effects of fatigue on neurosurgery resident performance

Dr Aruna Ganju et al presented their study of the effects of fatigue on neurosurgery resident performance during the 78th AANS meeting in May, 2010. The aims were to quantify the effect of fatigue on the psychomotor and cognitive skills of neurosurgery residents.

According to the study the post-call fatigue was associated with marginal decrease in surgical proficiency in neurosurgery residents. In a comparative study, general surgery residents showed a statistically significant decrement of 27.3 percent in the post-call condition.

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SurgiVisionSurgiVision ClearPoint Gets FDA Clearance for Neurological Interventions

SurgiVision has received FDA clearance for its system for MR guided neurological interventional procedures. The ClearPoint system allows for precise targeting of lesions within the brain.

The system consists of a disposable, MRI-compatible head-mounted adjustable trajectory frame; a multi-channel imaging head coil with integrated head fixation frame; a workstation and an MRI compatible computer and monitor with navigational software; and lastly, a complete MRI compatible surgical kit. The system can be used in existing MRI suites.

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