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VideoNEUROSURGIC launches Neurosurgical Videogallery

Enjoy and learn from the growing number of anatomical and surgical videos, from fellow members or other sources. For example, Dr Theo Birbilis, Greece, has created this channel.

You can subscribe to any videochannel or simply start your own channel and share your own favourite neurosurgical video clips from Youtube or other sources.

If you need help uploading your own video clips we will be happy to help you.

Video clip with evacuation of epidural hematoma

Dr. Gerardo Taylor, Guatemala, has uploaded a very illustrative video showing the evacuation of an epidural hematoma. The video shows the preop CAT-scans, Skin opening, Burring, Classic opening with Gigli-saw, Evacuation of hematoma, Dural tenting sutures, Fixation of the bone flap, Placement of drainage, Closure of the skin flap.

Click here to see the video.

Our video section is very popular and we welcome more of your videos. Not only advanced surgery but also basic procedures like insertion of ventricular drainage, extirpation of glioma, evacuation of subdural hematoma etc. Please contact us if you want more information.



Video clip with removal of spinal meningeoma

Dr P.G. Papanikolaou, General Hospital of Nikea - Piraeus, Athens, Greece has provided a link to a video clip showing the microsurgical removal of a thoracic spinal meningeoma.

More info can be found here.


Novel use of Foley catheter in neurosurgery

Professor Chand, India, describes in a Blog Entry a novel use of the Foley catheter - as a tool for achieving retraction of the brain in, e.g., aneurysm surgery and CP angle tumors. By gradually expanding the balloon, space is made for the brain retractor.

What do you think about this novel method? Read the Blog Entry here.




Winner of Core Techniques in Operative Neurosurgery

Congratulations go to Dr. Obi Emereole, of Baragwanath, South Africa! Dr. Emereole won the neurosurgical atlas, “Core Techniques in Operative Neurosurgery: Expert Consult” by Jandial et al.

Keep visiting NEUROSURGIC.com, and our Facebook page, we’ll have similar opportunities for you in the future.

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