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AANS2010iPod.jpgAANS meeting in Philadelphia 2010 will be paperless

At the AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) meeting in Philadelphia May 2010 all content will be delivered and accessible by the iPod touch®, Apple's wireless mobile platform.

The AANS member registrants will be given an iPod touch® device at this meeting. Using the iPod they will be able to access program guides, calendars of events, exhibitor listings, speaker information, and social venues. Using the device will also allow visitors to see at a glance what events are occurring at any given moment during the meeting, interact in real time with speakers and panelists using its audience response capabilities, communicate with other attendees, access convention hall maps and exhibitor hall directories.

The iPod will also increase the interaction with exhibitors - the visitors will be able to view company websites, watch videos that illustrate a particular vendor’s product lines and meeting specials.


Dates: May 1-5, 2010,  Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center,  Location: Philadelphia, USA, 

See videopresentation - click here.

Website: http://www.aans.org/annual/default.asp


news_orlandeconf.jpgCongress of Neurological Surgeons

CNS Annual meeting has now been added in the Calender.

Date: September 20-25, 2008.

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA.

URL: http://www.neurosurgeon.org/meetings/2008/index.asp

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