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Deep brain stimulation approved for obsessive-compulsive disorder

People with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder have a new treatment option available: The Food and Drug Administration has approved deep brain stimulation as a therapy for the disorder.

With deep brain stimulation, electrodes permanently  implanted in a person’s brain emit electrical signals that alter the functioning of the brain’s complex circuitry.

Scientists aren’t yet sure how the intervention works. In some cases, it may activate brain circuits that are sluggish; in other cases, it may inhibit circuits that are overactive.

With OCD, it’s believed that hyperactive circuits contribute to heightened anxiety and, often, depression. People with the disorder indulge in repetitive behaviors, such as washing their hands incessantly or repeatedly making sure a door is shut, as a way of controlling anxiety.
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UT Southwestern Performs First Local Implant In Deep Brain Stimulation Study For Depression

UT Southwestern Medical Center neurological surgeons have begun implanting patients as part of a clinical study that is investigating whether deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy may help people who suffer from major depressive disorder, a severe form of depression.

The BROADEN™ (BROdmann Area 25 DEep brain Neuromodulation) study is a controlled, multi-site, blinded, clinical study that is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of DBS therapy in patients with depression for whom currently available treatments are not effective. UT Southwestern is one of three U.S. sites currently participating in this clinical study.

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News_OplogNEUROSURGIC launches Logbook for operations

Use the Logbook to keep track of your operations.

Your operation can be displayed as a table or as different types of graphs.

Login and you will find your Logbook at your Member page.

CalendarMapNEUROSURGIC launches CalendarMap

Search for conferences and courses using the Map!

The map of the world makes it easier to find the right conference at the right location. Use the filer-function to select the type of conference you are interested in.

Visit and explore our CalendarMap!


NEUROSURGIC launches Bookstorebookstore3.jpg

We have created a number of categories, for example:

  • New books - all new releases within the field of neurosurgery are displayed here-
  • Books for residents - hand picked for young neurosurgeons.
  • After hours - fiction and none fiction about neurosurgery
  • Neurosurgical subspecialities such as Vascular neurosurgery, Pediatric neurosurgery.

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macropore0.jpgMacroPore™ Bioresorbable Fixation

Medtronic launches MacroPore - a comprehensive bioresorbable product line comprised of implants and accessories that serve craniomaxillofacial, neurosurgical, and iliac crest reconstruction.


news_boardprep.jpgBoard review preparation

We now launch our Self Assessment module. It contains multiple choice questions within the field of neurosurgery.

Use it for board preparation or continuing education.

Try to beat your colleges in the High score list!


news_orlandeconf.jpgCongress of Neurological Surgeons

CNS Annual meeting has now been added in the Calender.

Date: September 20-25, 2008.

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA.

URL: http://www.neurosurgeon.org/meetings/2008/index.asp

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