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Neurosurgical videos

Browse our collection of neurosurgical videos! We have selected a number of interesting videos from YouTube and from other web sources.
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"Mini" Open Carpal Tunnel Release from University of Neurosurgery, Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

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A Com Aneurysm previously embolized

A com aneurysm previously embolized by Dr Muñoz and Tresserras, Neurosurgery Department, Hospital de Sant Pau of Barcelona, Spain.

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ACoA aneurysm

Clipping of ACoA aneurysm, using ICG intraoperative angiography - by dr. Steen Fridriksson, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma (Retrosigmoid approach) - by dr. Paolo Regolo, Italy.

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Acoustic Neuroma - Neurinoma do Acústico

Acoustic Neuroma by dr Edson Zerati, Brazil.

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ACTH pituitary adenoma

Endonasal surgery of ACTH pituitary adenoma - from Brain Tumor Center at Saint John´s Health Center, Santa Monica, USA.

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AICA/PICA anatomical variants penetrating the dura of subarcuate fossa

Mobilization of an anomalous vascular loop within a cuff of dura demonstrating technique for greater access and safe resection of VS - by dr. Warren et al.

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Aneurismas de la Cerebral Media (MCA Aneurysm)

Aneurismas de la Cerebral Media y Oftálmica derechas by Dr Julio V de Dios Tello, Neurosurgery, Centro Médico MAC del IMSS, Puebla, Mexico. Video clip edited by Dr Efrén Herrera.

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Anterior choroidal artery aneurysm

Clipping of an aneurysm arising from internal carotid artery - by Dr Guosheng Zhou, Henan, China.

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Anterior communicating artery aneurysm

Clipping of a small aneurysm arising from anterior communicating artery - by Dr Guosheng Zhou, Henan, China.

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