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Minimally Expensive Neurosurgery

"Minimally Expensive Neurosurgery, created by Edgar M. Carrasco a Bolivian Neurosurgeon, is a program designed to encourage alternative technical initiatives in the neurosurgical field in search of a updated surgical practice, reliable, reproducible, with low economic cost, and high rates of excellence. The technical alternatives proposed do not supersede the procedures and/or current standardized surgical supplies Our iniciatives are focussed to our economic and social reality, and are responsibility of the operator, our program seeks the best benefit of the neurosurgical patient with the minimal low cost resources. ". carrascoem

Chronic Subdural Hematoma, use of Kehr drainage for evacuation

Easy, non expensive, and reproducible use of Kehr drainage (abdominal drainage) IV infusion set and Urine Collection Bag for evacuation of Chronic Subdural Hematoma One of the Minimally Expensive Neur ...


Left Intraventricular Tumour resected via Superior Frontal Transulcal Transcortical Approach

Bolivian male, 40 years, tailor, a history of evolutive headache of 6 months of evolution, last weeks with nausea and vomiting, admitted and waiting for surgical treatment of another surgical team, ev ...


Reconstruction of craniotomy burr-holes with compressed autologous bone dust

In this simple technique, as you can see in the following video, there are 4 steps:1. Carefully collect all the bone dust while you are performing the drilling.2. Bone dust moistened whit saline solut ...

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