Oxygen therapy seems to be effective in patients with intracranial air

We sometimes use oxygen therapy to patients with pneumocephalus after craniotomy. However, I have never seen any clinical studies about this - until now!

I found a paper from Gore et al. In a prospective study they examined the efficacy and effect on the rate of pneumocephalus absorption. A group of patients received 100% (normobaric) supplemental 0(2) through a nonrebreather mask at 12 L/minute for 24 h and were compared to a control group. A blinded radiologist :) found a significant difference in the rate of air volume reduction in the treatment group (65%) compared to the control (31%).




Normobaric oxygen therapy strategies in the treatment of postcraniotomy pneumocephalus. Gore PA, Maan H, Chang S, Pitt AM, Spetzler RF, Nakaji P. J Neurosurg.  2008 May;108(5):926-9.

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written by shehabfirst, May 01, 2009
This worth to try in this common findings that sometimes harmfull ,in addition to the worry of the surgical team
written by asclepiades, June 03, 2009
I've read a little article maid in Chile about the times of reabsortion with and without oxygen, but this theraphy is not new, the use of oxigen is than older as the neumoventriculography, in fact the oxygen teraphy was a routine therapy after the neumoventriculography (Dandy times)

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