A young man with complete right internal carotid block


A young man had right MCA territory infarct few  months back. He had recovered with residual left hemiparesis. CT angio brain revealed right internal carotid complete block. Thinking he is young and many more years to go, a right superficial  temporal to right MCA branch anastomosis was done using right saphenous vein graft. You can see the graft on right upper corner of exposed dura. It took me quite a while to do all this and I am not pretty sure that bypass grafts in established stroke really help the patient.

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written by kbsvnr, May 28, 2014
Dear sir,
I am also doing ST-MCA BYPASS for past one year.I usally did for moyamoya one.
Now i had one patient with ICA block after truma.shall the bypass useful once he recovered.
written by sharmakchand, June 04, 2014
Yes, I tnink if patient is young and has many years to go, a bypass must be done to prevent cerebral ischaemia. Even if there is no neurological deficit after carotid blockage still patient can get stroke years later.

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