Foramen magnum bony decompression and syringosubarachnoid shunt at D1 level

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syringsubarachnoid shunt
written by gcaruso.nch, September 25, 2014
A very good result! Which type of shunt have you used? And what do you think about silastic wedge technique in syringomyelia treatment?
written by sharmakchand, September 26, 2014
Thanks,I use a piece of shunt which is used for ventriculoperitoneal shunt. I am not aware of silastic wedge and I request you to tell us about it.
silastic wedge
written by gcaruso.nch, September 26, 2014
I have read about silastic wedge in this article. In a case I had to replace the drain (a piece of shunt, I use your technique) because it did not work any more and this was stressful due to scar. I search for someone who has some experience with silastic wedges.
written by gcaruso.nch, September 26, 2014
I use a piece of shunt exactly as you. In one case the shunt did not work and I had to replace it, that is very stressful because of scar. I read something about this technique http://www.surgicalneurologyin...123620.pdf
I am searching for someone who experienced it
Link to article in SNI
written by admin, October 15, 2014

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