Gray subjects in Neurosurgery

A gray subject is when whether doing or not doing there is no statistical difference but for me this is a wider topic than leads to conflicts or dilemmas most of the times, like to be or not to be that is the question. There are webvinars, blogs ands comments that leads to trends. For example, the black disc or dehydrated disc on L4L5 this is a low quality back, there are surgeons that operate with complete disc replacement others only disc diskectomy while others only prescribe meds and physiotherapy! And so on and so forth. I was looking the other day a video about a new way of treatment that with a needle implants condrocites on the nucleus  pulpouse and the patient improves by image and symptoms! (NuCu). Is widely known that the spinal column resilience decays on time, it means that some tissues dies without replacing. Nowadays the trend is to achieve good sagital balance and with it better physiology the body do the rest always keeping in mind physio! Not also the spinal column do the work also the muscles! In conclusion this is not straightforward. There are many others grayish topics I'll comment on them on the future.     I wrote from my phone I couldn't make it into paragraphs sorry. 

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